Friday, January 28, 2011

SCATTER (noun): to spread; a haphazard distribution in all directions

So, Wednesday we had a snow storm. Actually, it was supposed to be a rapidly moving system, actually 2 systems, the first a  slower more commute friendly system that would only shower snowflakes and it would be followed by a rapidly moving system that would include rain. Now rain was the key word used by the weather people. It would rain first, no problem, we have all driven home in cold, sleety rain, and it would include snow pellets and from time to time thunder and lightening. What really happened was a fast moving "dump" of wet snow, that covered our region so fast, even Superman couldn't fly out fast enough. I will spare you of the carnage on said commute, 4 hrs to move 6 miles (seriously).Some people are still walking home.
I digress. We lost power in our neighborhood. An hour after my grueling commute, I walked into my warm and cozy house only to have the lights zap out 30 minutes later. This wasn't supposed to happen. The electric company spent a lot of time and money re-wiring and burying our power lines, cutting down trees needlessly, etc. It must have been a transformer.
So I should have activated my trusty 72 hour kit and plan. You know the one with the flash lights and portable food. The one with the camp stove and propane tank ready to move out into the kitchen.
What about that 24 hour plan? My house was dark in a minute, but I did have some emergency flashlights plugged in, and they were good for at least a few hours, and my portable old school radio had batteries. I had a small flashlight, but I had to search for it. I must've went brain dead. I was using the emergency flashlight to find the battery powered lantern(s) and a second flashlight. I didn't familiarize myself with the lantern so it was kinda hard to read the directions. You know with the Eco friendly bulbs in just about everything, seeing isn't a priority. So I got the light on and I went search of the 2nd lantern which was in the basement. It has a radio, but I haven't changed the batteries since I bought it almost 2-3 years ago. Good batteries.
I had McDonald's before coming home, so I was spared of trying to find portable food. I couldn't find the camp stove and propane tanks. This was a 24-hour rule flop.
I looked back in my "archives" of posts and here are some greatest hits:        
I have two large containers that have small emergency food stash to take to work to put in my desk drawer and for my husband to put in his rig. It has 3 servings of a breakfast (instant grits or oatmeal, powdered drink mix to put in a regular water bottle, hot chocolate mix; packages of oodles of noodles, I need to put in a couple of snacks. a six pack of water). I need more. What's left is to find a small stove, usually at a sporting goods store.

The 2nd part of this kit is to have a change of clothing, underwear, rain gear, socks, shoes and a heavy coat or jacket... 
The word of wisdom concerning the emergency preparedness is that most of our emergencies are personal ones. Such as unexpected hospitalizations, job loss, or in my husband's case, truck emergency where he has to wait for roadside service.
Now the goal of the 24 hr kit is to be used. Especially by my husband who is a tractor trailer driver. He could use this if he becomes stranded or can't get back from his run on time. I can use this at work

FRIDAY, APRIL 10, 2009

"…..when your mind is as cluttered as your physical surroundings are, forgetfulness is common. Maybe forgetfulness is not a good choice of words. What it is then is the lack of awareness, the overwhelmed-ness of it all. My own lack of awareness comes from the fact that it has not occurred to me that what I am doing is an ongoing permanent task, one that requires a commitment from me. Commitment! I never thought of that."

FRIDAY, MAY 15, 2009
When I look around my house/home I see lots of clutter, lots of mess, lots of possessions, clothing, shoes, etc. The only beings living here are myself, my husband and a dog. Who else is living here? Who keeps bringing this stuff in? 
So, I have volunteered to do a presentation of Family Preparedness in March.
What I have been pondering over even before this "Emergency" drill is that I need to have my plan vetted by our Heavenly Father.
Psalms 37:5
5 Commit your way to the LORD,Trust also in Him, And He shall bring it to pass.
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