Monday, October 17, 2011


So today is Count your Blessings Monday. I have been thinking about a lot of stuff these days.
Here it is:
For the past month, my work computer has been dying a slow death. It was like anticipating where that "dead" satellite was going to crash(oops bad computer speak) land.
So I asked my handy IS representative if he could check out the problem, he said no problem, you need a new computer, and that was that. So he reported later that when he put in a request for the new computer, it was turned down. Someone had recorded (erroneously) that I had refused a new computer  during a recent upgrade. Why would I do that? I asked my boss to intervene, and she gave me the "Don't hold your breath" lecture. That I wasn't on a priority list, the chance of getting a new computer, was slim and a snow ball in a hot place. I love a challenge. So the IS man offered to "re-image" my computer. A quick fix, but short term. I went for it because anything is better than a dying computer. I took a much needed 3-day weekend and hoped for the best. It was better than best,my boss left me a note to say I received a new computer. Wow. Thanks.  
So this weekend was set aside for "Stake Temple Day". My husband and I looked forward to this day,but we were not prepared. There is a lot to said about "preparing your heart" for the Temple. The spirit was willing but the body was not ready. So we did not go, and I felt bad about it all day. But on Friday my husband suggested that we invite some very dear friends to have some "Bar be Que". He has a new grill that he got himself for his birthday. (You know how that is). It rained the entire day, but the sun came out eventually. As it turned out, our friends were really blessed with this gesture. They had experienced a recent death in their family and was preparing to mourn. I am glad we were able to send them off with a good meal and some love.
Lately I have been beating my self up because of my less than desirable organizing skills. My husband and I both work,and sometimes we literally kiss each other hello and goodbye at the same time.

Sometimes after a long day of tedium, I want to come home and be productive, I have an entire list. So I prayed about it, but I had to build a testimony that Heavenly Father can help us to motivate our mind and body.
I have noticed that since I started to walk up more steps, and take less elevators, my breathing has improved and walking actually feels better.(The skinny jeans are a distant possibility). So much better that I found the strength to do some major cleaning this weekend. It was a 4 advil kind of day, but it was all good.

But when I woke up on Sunday, I was not as enthusiastic to get up and go to Church. So I felt in my heart that the Lord had a lesson for me and that if I would just make the effort I would be blessed. So I did, and I was late, but I made it. This is what I learned:
Mosiah 2:17 And behold, I tell you these things that ye may learn wisdom; that ye may learn that when ye are in the service of your fellow beings ye are only in the service of your God
More and more I realize that my life,our lives and not just about us.I suppose that when we can come to a realization, that the layers and excuses and murmerings we build up around our hearts and mind, can be easily shed with love. Just as I know that Heavenly Father heard my "complaints" and took them seriously and allowed an answer, a result,a warm feeling in my heart. I am realizing slowly how much He loves me,not just because of the "stuff", but the fact that he cared enough to hear me and even grant my petition.
So the best part of Sunday, was getting a sweet hug from one of my primary students. Hugs from children are the closest thing to hugs from Heavenly Father.   
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