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So, today is Book Review Friday. I am linking up with Inspired Kathy at "I AM A READER.COM."I am your host today for a marvelous book called: Living Your Covenants Everyday by Jennifer Brinkerhoff Platt.  

I started reading this book at the end. It’s a habit of mine, that if the ending can hold my attention, then I can read the entire book. I have to say that this book is so good, even the index and the appendix and the notes are inspiring. My decision to read the last chapter first was because of the Title: Bound and Determined; Living our Covenants Each day. I noticed that the author changed the words around, and used the word each instead of every. The phrase “each day” implies a commitment from the believer. “Each day” is capable of its own pattern, its own unique sequence of events. Whereas the phrase “Everyday” can be taken as an option, less of a commitment and the tendency to procrastinate is an option waiting to happen or not.  
Book Excerpt“Living a life centered in the plan of happiness informs the desires of one’s heart and enables individuals to pursue an abundant life rather than merely moving through the motions of the daily minutiae.  As we choose to make Christ and His mission a pattern and template, we are able to explore and discover our own life mission.  Individuals who live their daily lives with purpose and meaning, intentionally focusing on emulating and worshiping Christ, find peace and contentment in a troubled world.  Additionally, they find joy in living and fulfilling their own mortal mission."  (PAGE: 90-91)
 There are 144 pages and 10 “power packed” chapters in this book. I was blown away at the “language” of this author. And those of you who “know” me, when I speak of language, I speak of the “truth” of the words that are spoken.  Sister Platt has a really great back story, or you could call it a conversion story. I believe that our conversion process is ongoing because if we stick to it, we are refined like silver.  After each chapter the author assigned “homework” and additional reading. Her reasoning:
“Each chapter has homework assignments to help you to apply that chapter’s principle as you do “soul work of your own”. Excerpt page 10

1 Steadfast and Immovable: Looking for Lessons in Every day Experiences  
 Learning to apply truth to our various challenges and circumstances in life is imperative. Truth brings purpose and energy to every aspect of every day.  
2 Ritualizing Your Routine Living What we Believe
   There are opportunities to live our covenants through the progression of an ordinary day   Agency is best experienced through intentional living. Our action activates our agency
3 Scripture Study: Planning, Preparing, and Remembering While Feasting on the Word

4 Renewing Our Daily Commitments: Making the Most of General Conference.

5 Satan and His Tactics: To be Learned is Good

6 The Role of the Spirit: Knowing the Truth of All Things

7 Educating Desires: I want to be a Giver

8 Return and Report: Stewardship, Accountability and Mentors

9 Undoing Self-Destructive Routines: The Truth Shall Make You Free

10 Bound and Determined: Living our Covenants Each Day  
Seeking to live a life focused on intentionally living covenants each day brings a sense of peace while strengthening our bonds to others. 
The little things we do on a daily basis don’t just matter—they can make all the difference. Intentional daily acts focused on covenant-keeping will bind us to the Savior as we are deliberate and determined to follow Him in small and simple ways. Drawing upon the teachings and lives of ancient and modern prophets, author Jennifer Brinkerhoff- Platt identifies patterns of truth that encourage increased commitment to covenant relationships while diminishing the binding grip of the adversary. Included are chapters on the need to be consistent in covenant- keeping, on recognizing Satan’s tactics and lies, on undoing self-destructive routines, on the role of the Spirit to help us both feel and follow promptings, and on the power of daily scripture study and prayer in establishing habits that reinforce and sup- port our commitment to the Savior.

I really enjoyed this book and I am going back to review the chapters and do the homework. I love Jennifer Brinkerhoff-Platt's "voice". Everything that she has outlined in the book is everything that Latter Day Saints know to be true and based on doctrine taught in the Church. The freshness of it all is when you allow yourself to open your heart and receive that doctrine and then "align" our will and purpose in this life to that of the Savior. It's not enough to just "cling to the iron rod", but we should endeavor to "bind" or attach ourselves to the will of the Savior. Enjoy.  

pAuthor Jennifer Brinkerhoff Platt

Jennifer Brinkerhoff Platt is currently an assistant visiting faculty member at Brigham Young University and a recent addition to Deseret Book’s Time Out for Women events. A former seminary and institute instructor, she earned a PhD from Arizona State University in lifespan developmental psychology, focusing on women and social issues. She is married to Jed Platt, and the couple lives in Pleasant Grove, Utah.

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