Friday, July 25, 2014


Question's for the ages: 

What is the "cure" when the body is not injured? How is the "mind" healed of its many psychological hurts and scars?
What is the process by which a body/mind heals itself? 

When Jesus healed a person of a situation, he would say, "Your sins are forgiven", or "Go in peace." Even  when explaining or trying to explain this to nay sayers when a man on a cot was lowered into a room where he was teaching. He said to the man, "Your sins are forgiven, go in peace." There are layers to this train of speech, one was to verbally adhere to the Jewish law of not “working “ on the Sabbath and and the other was the phenomen of the body physically changing and repairing itself. So he asked them if it would be easier to say "Arise, take up thy bed, you are healed."

What is involved in the healing of a person. It is more than the body that is healed, the spirit is first healed and the body follows. I believe that the healing process starts with a "will" to live. 

Definition of HEAL
transitive verb
1a: to make sound or whole;heal a wound
b: to restore to health
2a: to cause (an undesirable condition) to be overcome : mend healed
b: to patch up (a breach or division) heal a breach between friends
3: to restore to original purity or integrity ;healed of sin
intransitive verb
: to return to a sound state

My husband has been progressively healing from an undetermined "bug bite" (on the 4th of July no less), that escalated into an allergic reaction that manifested itself in massive swelling of his left leg. The doctors called it "cellulitis of undetermined  origin." It has been an interesting process this time around, because five years ago my husband was bit by a spider and he suffered the same symptoms. So you could say we were "prepared" in some degree for this unwelcome incident. He has been subject to massive dosing of antibiotics, blood thinners and pain killers. At the worst of it, his leg looked like the result of a vicious dog attack. We have experienced a definite stretching of our faith; but the Father in his grace and mercy has sent "messengers" in the form of really good friends to help soften the blow. A blessing for the sick yielded a promise of recovery and of job's not lost and going back to bear a testimony to co-workers; a bump in the road so to speak. I thought about that statement, a bump in the road. I can think of certain pot holes on well traveled roads that when I try my best to avoid them, my vechicle some how manages to literally crash into the hole, and the whole truck is jarred. We are shaken but not stirred into needless fear and anxiety.
We have surprised ourselves in this journey, by limiting any whining or asking "Why me, why this time?" Instead we were reminded of our purpose, for which we asked for, which was to tarry and be about our Fathers business in some form or fashion. My husband managed to give away two copies of the Book of Mormon and was rewarded by the testimony of 2 nurses, who had once investigated the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. What happened? we asked, why did you leave? The answer was so human, they said that they felt forgotten. Both of them had investigated to the point of committing to Baptism, but their missionary's changed out, and they slipped through the crack. We invited them to come back and gave them a card. That's it, that is all we can do, a tiny breach had been closed and a healing process started.

COME THOU FOUNT....of every blessing  Mumford and Sons
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