Tuesday, December 30, 2014


The Ides of 2015 are upon us… and with it the compulsion to review one’s life and then make a list of things to do right the next time. Wow, 2014 is slowly dragging out its last days, and that is interesting considering how fast the days seemed to whiz by earlier this year. Or, was it just me? Did anyone else feel that 2014 was caught in some “Time Warp Continuum, maybe a “Groundhog Day” scenario that just kept repeating itself, but with different characters each day? It was probably me. As a matter of fact, I know it’s me and I can prove it. 

some random "Cartoon Hack"

One of the more fascinating things I discovered this year was ‘TED TALKS”. If you don't know what a ‘TED TALK” is,  then you can Google it or watch this one that I found. Phil Hansen is an aspiring artist
and also a very creative and resourceful person. In light of what could have been a somewhat debilitating problem, his hand shook uncontrollablyrendering him unable to use his hands to make the art he wanted to do. He changed his outlook and worked "inside of the box" instead of the norm..... So I loved this TED TALK and I hacked a few quotes that inspired me and maybe they will inspire you too. And while we are on the subject, I found some of my favorite "phrases" in 2014, such as "HACK, LIFE HACK; etc",  Also the phrase "UNPACK" as it applies to digging deep into a subject, or a book or a philosophy on life. I was really inspired by this "talk", and I will use some of that inspiration in my 'New Year's Hacks/resolutions. 

QUOTE HACK:  an artist named Phil Hansen on “Embracing the Shake”

  • But as I searched around in the darkness, I realized I was actually paralyzed by all of the choices that I never had before.
  • I wondered, could you become more creative, than, by looking for limitations? 
  • Learning to be creative within the confines of our limitations is the best hope we have to transform ourselves and, collectively, transform our world.


  • Looking at limitations as a source of creativity changed the course of my life. Now, when I run into a barrier or I find myself creatively stumped, I sometimes still struggle, but I continue to show up for the process and try to remind myself of the possibilities
  • Limitations may be the most unlikely of places to harness creativity, but perhaps one of the best ways to get ourselves out of ruts, rethink categories and challenge accepted norms. And instead of telling each other to seize the day, maybe we can remind ourselves every day to seize the limitation.
Seize The Limitation has to be my favorite. So I did. My husband and I finally decided to come into the 21st Century, and not a moment too soon. We ditched our “ so not smart” phones” and  “Got Smart”   (WARNING: There will be more of this dribble in the not so near future, so either prepare yourself or arm yourself, whatever works.)

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