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No Ordinary Hero.........Joan Trumpauer Mulholland


 She Stood for Freedom.
© 2016 Shadow Mountain Publishing 

I was recently invited by Shadow Mountain Publishing to review this book : 

She Stood for Freedom : The Untold Story of a Civil Rights Hero
Joan Trumpauer Mulholland.

Have you ever heard of her? I had never heard of her until 2 years ago, when I was talking to someone that I had only just met and she shared with me a clip from a movie about a a woman who was active in the early sixties Civil Rights movement. 

My new friend was very excited about this movie, because she was acquainted with the man who made the movie and also the woman who the movie was about. The movie was called "No Ordinary Hero: The Joan Trumpauer Mulholland story. What was interesting was that she is white, and also that she is alive and well and living in Arlington, Va. And she is still very active in the fight for civil rights, for all lives. Here is a synopsis of what the book is about and why it is so important and timely:
   She Stood for Freedom is the story of Joan Trumpauer Mulholland, a white teenager in the South during Segregation who found herself on the front lines of the Civil Rights Movement.Written by a Utah resident and published by a Utah-based publisher, this book has received glowing advance reviews from national media for its enduring message and compelling and unconventional collage artwork style by Charlotta Janssen which perfectly captures the turmoil of America in the racially-torn era of the 1960s. The book will be published simultaneously in a picture book and middle grade edition. The picture book tells the story in an age-appropriate way and focuses on the heroes who fought for social justice and racial equality.  The edition for ages 8-12 features collage artwork, plus period photos, sidebar commentary, and shocking primary source documents taken from Joan’s personal archive, illustrating deep institutional racism.This is a well-timed book for this divisive election season in which American values are being profoundly questioned and with social justice and women’s roles in history sure to be on the minds of your readers .....

She Stood for Freedom.
© 2016 Shadow Mountain Publishing 

She Stood for Freedom.
© 2016 Shadow Mountain Publishing 

really loved this little book with a big and powerful message. It is no coincidence that her story is now being brought to light, right now. Once again history is in the “making”. I was a kid growing up in the South during the sixties; my parents participated in local freedom rides and in organized protests. I remember my parents, so young, making a small mark in history, being brave. When I think of Joan Mulholland, and my parents and many more that went before us, we see history at its ugliest. Sometimes the pictures are too hard to look at, but we can't look away even now, when everything around is threatening our "false" sense of security in this world. Sometimes we have to do scary things, but know that God is for us.
I really liked that one of the things that motivated Mrs. Mulholland to step forward, was her own Christian upbringing. 
She said “As a child we’d go to church and we’d learn these Bible verses about how to live, do unto others as you would have them do unto you and love thy neighbor as thyself. But then we were hypocrites, we weren’t doing that and I thought as a southerner when I got the chance to help make the south the best that it could be, I should do what I could and that brought me to the civil rights movement.” 

(Found this on the Internet, though not affiliated with the book, this will help to put a "face" on this wonderful lady.)

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