Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The 72-Hour Rule: Stop Procrastination Now I am a procrastinator, but not intentionally. I have a lot of projects and ideas and such. However I am a good starter, but not so much with the finish. Today my husband (who procrastinates, and makes it an art) called me from work to say that his truck would not start. He said that he would look at it after he took a nap in his tractor trailer (what?). I immediately felt guilty because he may have to stay there. He didn't have any food or clothing, or tools. I was supposed to make up 72-hour emergency kit for him. Of course, why make up a kit, if you have a problem, you could come home, or call someone, or use your debit card. Not where my husband works. Luckily for him he decided not to take a nap and look under the hood of his truck and determine that the starter did not work. (The truck has been sounding really funky lately, I even asked him about it). So today after work I will try to put together a 24 hr kit and work on the 72 hour later. One day at a time RG
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