Thursday, March 26, 2009


So; I didn't finish the 24 hour kit, and my husband didn't want to bother with it. However, I will not be deterred. I started to look in my (dwindling) food pantry to find items in two's for the kit. My plan is to put at least 2 days of food servings (representing each meal) in the kit. I haven't figured out what will hold all of this stuff. Maybe a medium sized plastic bin. So far I have 2 cans of turkey, 2 cans of chili with beans,2 ramen noodle bowls, 2 boxes of crackers.( I asked my husband what flavor of crackers he wanted, wheat or butter flavor, he said Ritz.) I have 2 jars of peanut butter and grape jelly. I have two boxes of juice boxes. For breakfast I have compiled a baggie of 5-6 packs of instant grits, multiple flavors. (My husband hates grits,). Some hot chocolate and microwave popcorn. I am still wondering about the microwave popcorn. The premise of an Emergency Kit pertaining to food is anything that can be eaten with minimal prep. Not so much with the microwave popcorn. I have a lot of dry cereal,so I plan on "food-sealing" them in amounts of 1-2 cups per bag. They can be eaten dry or with a liquid. I also need to find a small stove (or stove like apparatus to boil water in).Maybe some water purification tablets. My next mission is to determine how much water to provide for, maybe a case of 12 or more bottles. (These kits will be for our vechicels.) I have make up a "mini" first aid kit, make copies of important documents. I digress over this. I thought about a flash drive, but then I remembered "Katrina". Even in floods and earthquakes, paper is best. I will laminate them. I have a Suze Orman survivial kit, that I have yet to use or figure out. Gotta start now.Don't forget at least 200.00 in paper money. Seriously? I can empty my change jar and total it and turn it into small bills. Welcome to the shrinking middle class. The last thing I need to gather up 2 days worth of clothing,an emergency blanket; auto emergency kit,etc.This is really getting bigger than I thought. After this, then a 72 hour kit for the house,a 24 hr kit for my work and overhauling my food storage, which should be at least 3 months with the goal of 1 year. The Sky is falling, the sky is falling. Good luck.
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