Tuesday, April 28, 2009


So; in light of Earth Day, I have been giving serious thought as to how I am living. I seem to have a disconnect with my home. I have lived in my house for 9 years and I have struggled to call it home. I used to watch all of those "Clean House" shows and I thought that maybe some of those homes were "staged" for the show. Now I believe. Sometimes clutter grows, because we lose the awareness of our lives.
Today, I went to the Container Store and I bought a "cloth" wardrobe to hold my overflow of jackets and some coats. (I am sure I thought of this before). I got a large recycle bin to put the plastic water bottles and bags we collect. I decided to put the wardrobe in my craft room. Before I could do that I had to pick up a lot of stuff on the floor and straighten out my craft closet. The amazing thing is that I found a past birthday gift I had bought for myself. I forgot about it.It represented another birthday that I had bought a gift for myself, a beautiful vase.
I digress, I put the wardrobe in the craft room and the bookshelf in the bedroom. I vacuumed and dusted. Got a lot to shred. My goal is to work my way to the bathroom.
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