Friday, April 10, 2009


So; during the weekend I realized that I needed some food storage containers. Now this thought should have been a given, but when your mind is as cluttered as your physical surroundings are, forgetfulness is common.Maybe forgetfulness is not a good choice of words. What it is then is the lack of awareness,the overwhelmed-ness of it all. My own lack of awareness comes from the fact that it has not occurred to me that what I am doing is an ongoing permanent task. One that requires a commitment from me. Commitment! I never thought of that. So I needed to purchase food for my home, and containers for my food; that not only protect the food but it is the right thing to do verses leaving everything in the package to become stale or contaminated. Its amazing, I don't know if its a sign of the times but I wandered around Target on Saturday for an hour before I actually found some food storage containers. I suppose that with just about every type of food microwaveable in its on container, who needs to store food. I bought 2 extra large cereal containers and 3 large, medium & small containers. Now my loving husband greeted all this with this statement; "We don't need this, we have the rest of our lives to do food storage". To which I replied "Today, is the first day of the rest of our life". The absurdity is is not lost on me. I had to listen to a 30 minute diatribe on why it is such an inconvience "to live my life", by my husband. So, I put as much bulk in the containers as I had available. I realized that they needed identification.Was there a chance that I could just "remember" what was obviously in those see through containers? Doubt it, I walked away form my kitchen counter and when I came back I couldn't tell the difference from the pancake mix and the flour, the sugar or salt,even the cereals. All I can say is that it is amazing what can be accomplished once you start the process. Case in point, after a year (previously) of enduring an unidentified leak from my vechicle, my husband started to work on it Saturday. He had bought some spark plugs about 6 months ago, and just realized that they were the wrong ones. So, he had to call "little brother" to drive him to get the right plugs (six months later).How much time and money is wasted due to procrastination. PROVERBS 10:4 He becometh poor that dealeth with a slack hand: but the hand of the diligent maketh rich.
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