Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I have started a "Walking Tour" at lunch. I used to walk around the area frequently, but it seems that in the last 5 years,work has become more oppressive and subsequently I haven't had the desire to venture out of my cubicle. Look at what I have been missing. This is a man made pond, a memorial to a student who died here a few years ago,I am not sure of the circumstances. This is a beautiful pond, there are beautiful koi fish here, lovely plants. Really peaceful. I love these types of statuary,I am not sure what to call it, but this type of art memorial if prevalent here in D.C. I am not sure who this gentleman is. I will find out I love this statute,it is of a woman sleeping and she is dreaming and all of her cares and thoughts are swirling around her These are by far the most unique,here are some statues of the Democrat Donkey. I remember this trend a few years ago in Chicago,an artist had constructed a series of bulls that were used like mascots in front of different buildings in Chicago, like at the basketball stadium (Chicago Bulls,) in front of businesses. It was great, so D.C. worked with a group of artists to construct Donkeys for Democrats and Elephants for Republicans. It was great, there was and exhibition and later some were sold. There was a later campaign with Pandas. This was a nice walk,it was hot,but really beautiful.
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