Tuesday, June 23, 2009


"Feeling entitled and that we deserve better becomes a terrible, snarly burden to carry. Some things we can change in our lives. Some things we really need to change. We don’t have to be abused or stay in places that are dead-ends and life-killing." "Many things, however, are just a product of life on this earth. The gap between what is and what we wish it to be is part of the mortal experience, not because we have personally been robbed. We might think of life on this earth as a contract that we made with God, knowing full well that we would not be surrounded by perfect people or perfect circumstances. There is real joy in accepting the terms of the contract without a constant fight." I Deserve Better by Maurine Procter I would like to talk about my husbands and my sealing last Saturday. It was a lovely affair,really a beautiful day.It took 20 days to get there,and a life time too. OK, it goes a like this: There is a song from the 70's called "Smiling Faces".(tell lies).I am always intrigued and sometimes amazed at the audacity of people and their own private agendas. My husband and I had our sealing ceremony this past weekend, ( I will talk about that in a future post, I have to get this off my chest). We celebrated with a few close friends and some church members. The actions of 2 people in this group really stood out to me. I just have to say that these 2 separate individuals had their own personal agendas to front and just like the streaker at a ballgame, who take off their clothes and run across the field during a pivotal point of the game do so to bring about the maximum amount of attention and disruption. So did these two. The first individual was the missionary who helped me and my husband back to church. She was one of a trio of young ladies assigned to us. She really wanted to come to our sealing, she was a little fanatic about it. She really wanted to come and was very excited about seeing us again,etc. Not so much. We really didn't fit into her plans of travel to N.Y.,meeting her friends, hob knobbing with important people, throwing her own reception and just squeezing in enough time for the sealing ceremony.Dropping by our reception after it was just breaking up and guilting us for not spending time with her.(Priceless) She was the first one to streak across the field. The second streaker was a neighbor and friend of my husband. He was an inactive member of the church, and the funny thing is that when we first met him, he was active but never invited us to church(?). He has since fallen on hard times,and has left the church for whatever reason. (Most people leave because that have become apostate). My husband has been trying to woo him back. So of course this individual was invited to come wish us well by waiting in the lobby, since he couldn't come inside the Temple. So he said"Yeah sure, congratulations, I wouldn't miss it for the world." He showed up and made a big show of giving my husband a big bear hug, slapping him on the back, laughing a little too loud, smiling a little to big. He said hello to everyone, participated in the group picture, even bought his kids. He then turned around and gave our Bishop his letter of resignation and left without saying goodbye.Look!! There he goes, streaking across the parking lot, oops there goes the missionary,she's running too. We all looked after them dumbfounded, much like you would do at a baseball game when all of a sudden, out of nowhere, and for no apparent reason, nekked as a jaybird, someone comes streaking across the field.
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