Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Has anyone seen this movie? EVAN ALMIGHTY? Sure I know you are rolling your eyes in the back of your  head. I watched this movie 3 times this past weekend. The first 2 times I started near the end and  I was lulled into a stupor. However, the 3rd time I watched it I started from the beginning. I have to say that in light of current global and world situations, this was a very good movie. Its not just for kids either. I like the premis of it. Evan used to be news anchorman; he runs for congress because he wants to change the world for the better. He packs up his family from New York, buys a HUM-Vee, a large McMansion and goes to work. He has a wife and 3 sons. Remind you of anyone? One touching scene in the movie involved Evan and his wife discussing the fact that their youngest son asked if he could pray for a dog. (What is so surprising about that?) Later we see Evan kneeling down at his bedside and thanking God for his life and family and blessings. He even asks God to help him make a difference in the world. You don't have to ask God twice, because the very next day he receives a house warming gift in the form of a wooden box; they are tools, old fashioned wooden tools. The next day he receives a shipment of lumber from Go 4 Wood Lumber. For some reason the actor Morgan Freeman has been tapped to play a lot of benevolent parts,the President of the US, God.I think that its his voice . Its hilarious, because when he makes his presence known to Evan, after their conversation he gives him a book called "Ark Building for Dummies". The funniest bit in the whole movie. Now this is not a reveiw. Just a buildup. My husband and I wondered how Brother Noah handled all of this. We have learned that it took him a 100 years or more to build his ark. He was 500 hundred years old! I don't know if 100 years was spry back then. It makes sense that it would take so long, he probably had to teach himself every single thing. He was probably taught by angels too. I don't think there was night school or vo-tech. Imagine this,a perfect example of self reliance and trust in God. Self Reliance by it self is nothing with out the help of the Father. In the years it took to build the  ark he got married, had a family. His wife probably helped to culivate gardens and orchards for food. They probabaly slaughtered animals and dried food to eat, used their skins for clothing, furniture, bedding. Get the picture. I love it.
Now we are asked and commanded to become self reliant, to begin to build our own food storage. Organize ourselves for every needful thing. Noah had to organize himself so that he could not only build a boat, but take care of his family, and do missionary work.
One of my favorite scenes in the movie was God and Mrs Evan talking in a restaurant. She was sad because she felt that her prayers for a closer family life had not been heard. Morgan Freeman as God asks her a question: If you pray for a closer family and God gives you an opportunity to do something as a family, wouldn't you take it. Sometimes answers to prayers are opportunities waiting to happen.
Can you imagine that every prayer that you have ever prayed has an answer, either yes or no, but the answer is available for you to grasp.
Not a sermon, just a thought.          
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