Tuesday, March 23, 2010


kelly rae roberts:BLESSED                                            


My washer and dryer have been sending up flags for the past year or so. Little things, motors burning out, the wash cycle stopping for no reason, water not draining. Last Thursday I heard a weird sound. My husband and I were having dinner, and I heard this odd, sound coming from the laundry room. "Honey, what is that sound" (said I ). "What sound? said He. I don't hear anything" (Husbands have the best selective hearing). It sounded like a  metal object whizzing around a circle the hard way. I can't even spell it, but you know how chalk sounds being dragged across a freshly cleanned chalkboard. Yeah you got it. Just like that, only metal on metal. Then it stopped. So my husband said, "There, it stopped".  On Saturday my husband went fishing. I had just loaded the dryer with wet T-shirts (another SOS from the washer) and I set the timer and pushed the button to start the dryer. You know how your car sounds when its trying to start on a dead battery? It didn't sound like that, it sounded worse. If it had a clutch I could have pushed it around the basement to get it started. So I kept pushing the start button and talking to it , "Come on baby, just one more load". It stopped. So I called my husband at the fishing hole, and I said, "Do you remember that sound we heard on Thursday at dinner?" He said "What sound? I said " The sound of the dryer dying." "He said, Let me call you back"    
Needless to say, we simply had to drop everything and go find replacements. We made a plan and we actually agreed on all points. We had a budget, we prayed over this all. In my heart I prayed for both appliances, not just a dryer. We decided to do a whirlwind tour of Home Depot, Lowes, Costo and Bostco's. We walked into Home Depo and we found a smiling and helpful salesman (rare) just putting new sales cards on the washer and dryer of our dreams. No frills,top loading,efficient in its own way, both marked down to total 500.00 on our budget. My husband immediately broke out his trustly measuring tape and started to measure. The salesman looked at us weirdly, I told him to pack these up, we want them. So they will be here on Friday. We went to Costco and we saw a medium sized floor freezer. I have wanted one for a while, since my regular fridge (in cahoots with the now defunt w&d has sent up SOS signals too.)has started the slow death of a fridge. Once again my husband and I huddled together to make a plan, we agreed on a budget, worked everything out and presto, we bought a much needed floor freezer for under 200.00
Blessing to us. If we are prepared we shall not fear.
Now I can experiment with  freezer meals.
Thank you
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