Friday, March 26, 2010

EASTER...........APRIL 4TH


1. "Reflections of Christ" by Mark Mabry was life changing to me.I love this  book because the story jumps off the page, its in your face. I love the author/photographer of the book Mark Mabry, and his testimony. What a wonderful testimony of the life of Christ and his love for us, his sacrifice and atonement. I want to share this book with my step mother, I know that it will bless her heart

2."Be Still My Soul..Alex Boye"  I have recently started to listen to this cd and the songs are spare, almost acoustic. Deeply felt and moving. I sent a copy to my brother. Truly music can heal our souls. My favorites for Easter are: I know that My Redeemer Lives; Be Still, My Soul and I Need Thee Every Hour.

3.I must have a chocolate (haute chocolate) has  White Chocolate;pomegrante Easter Bunnies  Yum

4. A Toffee Bunny for my husband.

5. The ubiquitous Easter Basket. I love Easter Baskets. This one by Lennox has a butterfly on it.

When I was a kid these were my favorite things too. I love the Easter Story. King of Kings would come on every year and my brother and I would be allowed to stay up and watch it. Our church would have lavish Easter programs and pagents. My brother and I would always  have at least 2 speaking parts. This was the Sunday of Sundays, you would be in church the whole day, and you had to change clothes at least once. It wasn't uncommon to have 2 Easter dresses. One was a simple, colorful number you wore to evening service and the big lacy, tiered frou frou was for the morning. I loved those dresses but the crinoline that was used to pouf them up was itchy. I usually took it off before the service was over. The choir would perform beautiful songs just for the occasion. My mom would make really cool baskets and buckets for me and my brother. I remember one Easter my mom wanted to have an Easter Egg hunt. She boiled over 8 dozen eggs. She knew a chicken farmer (seriously). She bought every box of PAAS egg dye she could find, then she went to work, and my brother and I spent the entire Good Friday and Saturday dying eggs. It took awhile to wash the dye off our hands. She would always bake a ham that she would candy herself. Lots of family, lots of fun.
I love Easter. I know that my Redeamer lives. I have a testimony of the atonement in my life, a testimony of the the Saviors love for me and my husband.
Happy Easter 
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