Thursday, April 8, 2010



The 2010 Atlantic Hurricane season starts June 1st. It promises to be "the mother of all hurricane seasons". If you thought snowmageddan was bad, then prepare for "Water World".It promises to produce no fewer than 8 (count them) hurricanes with 4 of them major, posing a heightened threat to the U.S. coastline. Also it has been predicted that there is a 58 percent chance of a major hurricane tracking to the Caribbean, where Haiti is vulnerable. After I read this I went to the American Red Cross website and pulled some info on preparing for a hurricane and repairing your home after a flood. I am considering flood insurance this year. Lately I have been a little slack on my food storage, so I must regroup and re-start. The one item that I feel a strong urge to collect is drinkable water and tap water for flushing, cleaning, etc. Also I need to look into collecting food and a water supply for my dog. I have a 72hr kit of sorts but I will be re-checking the contents.
I told my boss that I would like to give a couple of in-services in my office on how to start preparing for the hurricane season. I have been so energized as a result of the great teachings of the General Conference,I feel that I can move forward now. I am always amazed at how easy it is to talk ourselves out of empowering ourselves and of becoming more organized in our daily life overall, and basically taking responsibility for ourselves.Loving ourselves as our Heavenly Father loves us. I feel that my husband and I both tend to take many things for granted.Over this last month of March and into  April, I have been compelled to be more observant and organized. I have just struggled to gather all my business info for tax filing. I am sad to say that due to my lack of organization, some issues were overlooked, but everything worked out in the end. My husband hasn't worked since Dec 22nd.He was injured at work during the first blizzard. He had to have shoulder surgery. Since then we both have had to really focus on our lives and work together. We have learned to trust in God and to continue our journey guided by the light of faith. I have let go of a lot of distractions,and weed out clutter, both mental and physical. I  endeavour to listen to the Spirit daily. It seems to be working. I feel contentment in my soul. I believe that I can move on to establish a system of emergency preparedness in my home. I can let go of this nagging fear of the unknown. I believe that this fear was so crippling, it seemed to prevent me from cleaning out my office, establishing a file system,paying bills on time,etc.I have validation that I am doing the right thing, that everything will continue to work itself out.  Disappear fear. So my motto now is "Start Where you Are"
One of the oldest tricks the adversary has is to convince us to "Start all over again". Rip out those walls, throw away that plan and get a new one. This is a trend right now, new this and new that. I believe that if we go back to an established plan, and instead of making the plan work for us, we work within the frame work of the plan. This is how we live the gospel. God has already established his plans for us,we must conform to His plans, not the other way around.When we do we have much success.   
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