Thursday, February 27, 2014


James 1:17 Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and comes down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow of turning.
Choices: Lot's wife......again. It's true that in our premortal life with God, we used our agency to choose the Savior and his plan of salvation; and thus ensued a "civil war in Heaven". 
What about those who chose the opponent, Lucifer? The scriptures note that a third of a numberless amount of heavenly host decided to "leave", or were "thrust down" from the presence of Heavenly Father. They chose to forfeit that good gift of receiving a body. You have to wonder if they were so "blinded" by Satan, that they would not even listen to reason? But, in every campaign, there are those "swing votes", the one's that don't cast a vote, but don't leave either.What happened to those spirit children who straddled the fence? Did Heavenly Father in his wisdom and mercy give them a "time out" as it were, but offered them the opportunity to have body and become human with certain conditions. Did he say" OK, I know you are on the fence, and I respect your right to choose for yourself. I am glad you didn't leave with the others, but remember, you will still have to make that choice in your "new body". (It could happen).   

So why did Lot's wife look back? You know, her name is Idit or Edith. I have often wondered why she was destroyed so suddenly, was there any chance of mercy in her "after life". Did Heavenly Father destroy her because of her choice or was she destroyed as a result of her choice. She became a pillar of salt. In the scriptures, salt is a symbol for good and the good works that follow. Those who choose to  follow the Savior are salt of the earth". But on the other hand, Jesus makes this statement about salt that has lost it's flavor: "You are the salt of the earth; but if the salt loses it's flavor, how shall it be seasoned? It is good for nothing but to be thrown out and trampled underfoot by men"; Matthew 5:13

Why salt? In ancient times as well as now, salt is used to preserve food specifically meat and fish. In Jesus time, Roman soldiers were paid in salt, thus the saying "Worth your salt".

Genesis 19:15 When the morning dawned, the angels urged Lot to hurry, saying, “Arise, take your wife and your two daughters who are here, lest you be consumed in the punishment of the city.”
26 But his wife looked back behind him, and she became a pillar of salt.
I have been thinking about this going forward into this New Year. What choices will I make this year? How can I do better, or be better? What am I going to do about all the problems left over from 2013? What choice can I make so that I won't look back with regret and lose my saltiness. I started to work on a few things and the most important to me at least, is to be true to myself. And in being true to myself, be honest and unafraid to make hard choices. But most of all, I choose to be brave, and stand for the Savior of world, to proclaim his gospel in whatever small or big way I can. Be better, do better, I am better and I won't look back.

Stay Salty My Friends
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