Saturday, March 8, 2014

Waiting for (Spiritual) Backup

caitlin connolly

When you call out for help from above, how do you know when it comes? Is there a proverbial white horse?  Can you feel that burden being "lifted"?

So I've been waiting for for backup and I saw this really interesting and beautiful art piece. My impression was this: "What is that red box doing on her back?" and then "Hey I know this woman, she is me. How did that box get on her/my back? The woman in the picture is so like me and where I am right now. I don't know if the box is a heavy burden or just awkward. Maybe it suddenly appeared there when she wasn't looking, which is how I am feeling. So she looks determined to work her way through it and soon the box will come off. She looks like she needs someone to pray for backup.

 I found something in my Patriarchal Blessing: The Lord has promised me that He would help me "face" my  life challenges. But He also said that even though he would not remove those challenges, He would strengthen me so that I could successfully face them and grow from them. I am His daughter.
The lady in the picture seems hopeful, she may have to struggle to "look up" with an awkward box on her back, but at least she is still holding on to the box and moving forward.
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