Tuesday, March 31, 2009

So,its now Tuesday. The 24 hour kit has been initialized, and the 72 hour kit has been initialized.
Where am I on this project?... I have two large containers that have small emergency food stash to take to work to put in my desk drawer and for my husband to put in his rig. It has 3 servings of a breakfast (instant grits or oatmeal, powdered drink mix to put in a regular water bottle,hot chocolate mix;packages of oodles of noodles, I need to put in a couple of snacks. a six pack of water). I need more. Whats left is to find a small stove. Usually at a sporting goods store. The 2nd part of this kit is to have a change of clothing, underwear,rain gear,socks,shoes and a heavy coat or jacket.(This can be included as a part of the 72 hour car kit, or separate for me in my office. This appears complicated but there is a method to the madness. Its like pouring out a jigsaw puzzle, and shuffling all the pieces around. They do come together eventually. The 72 hr kit (food wise) is almost done, although it is kind of hard to determine meals. The word of wisdom concerning the emergency preparedness is that most of our emergencies are personal ones. Such as unexpected hospitalizations, job loss, or in my husbands case, truck emergency where he has to wait for roadside service. Sooner or later, we as a society will have our info downloaded on chips and put in our heads. Its not science fiction. They do it to dogs, and to some degree small children. I went to a Emergency Preparedness fair this weekend. I was a little disappointed. Usually with at fair, there are tables and booths set up showing all the latest info. This fair was in a Gym, and it was set up like a classroom. It seems that all of the speakers assumed that all of the participants (me) knew everything. Its time to go to Clutter-town and unclutter clutter-ville. It is amazing how much time is wasted on procrastination. We all do it. I know I do, but some call it my other names, overwhelmed is one just to name a few. No time, is another. I can't bear to look at that room is another name for procrastination. It costs a lot of time and money not to do it. I digress, but it is my goal and mission to make sense of my life. My 49th birthday is coming soon and I just want a heads up.
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