Wednesday, April 1, 2009

What I Learned from reading "Little Women"(seriously)

Little Women is my favorite book, seriously. I must've read it at least 10 complete times as a kid and watched the movie (in all three incarnations) twice. I like the most recent incarnation of the movie with Winona Ryder and Susan Sarandon. They do put a feminenist twist on it. Many people criticized that, but in reality Lousia Mae Alcott was way ahead of her time. The Alcotts were ahead of their times too. Her father was a noted poet and feminest. I may have to read it soon. What I learned is that no matter what the obstacles life presents to you and around you,etc. There is a way to live through it and actually come out "alive" as it were. Little Women is about a family that is torn apart by the Civil War. There are 4 daughters, a mom and dad and a housekeeper. They seem to live an idyllic life, lower middle class with rich relatives. So, the civil war is in process and the father volunteers as a chaplain and is wounded. The mother leaves to take care of him,(during this time period, if you were wounded and no family to help, you were on your own.) The daughters are left to mind the homestead. They grow up without Marmee and Papa. They learn to make do with less. To "shop" their own closets for a new ball gown. They are charitable to their neighbors. The boy next door falls in love with each of them, proposes to one, and marries another. One sister dies. One sister marries a poor teacher.Marmee and Papa finally come home. What I have learned is to not give up and become overwhelmed. Tomorrow I am giving an in-service at work about Emergency Preparedness. It is amazing how much info is streaming out on this subject. Has this stuff always been out? I am sure it has, but like everyone else, I have managed to block a lot, and live in a State called Denial,and I will do it tomorrow. I am in a good place with the progress of my "mini 72 hr kit for my office drawer"(food portion). I have amassed a series of "meals" for my wheels in my "72 hr car kit". Now let the games begin, I have started to sort out my "important papers" to make copies to put in these kits. I even found a water proof document pouch that is gauranteed by mail carriers. We'll see how that works. It seems like a lot of work, and it almost makes you want to give up. What it makes me see how disorganized I live my life and my husband too. My short term goal is to have the mini kit 75% completed and brought in to work by my husband and myself next week. You Go Girl
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