Tuesday, February 9, 2010

72 hour Rules: Snow day, Bring it on


Friday Feb 5 2010
So, it's gonna snow,and the weatherman promises that this will be the "mother" of all snowstorms on the east coast. He sounded so excited about the prospect of breaking a record of all time. It's predicted that there will be at least 2 feet of snow, everywhere. If we can squeeze out 2ft plus 3 more inches I suppose that we will go into the farmers almanac book of fame. As you can imagine, they've been talking about this since last week. Since last week all schools have closed, only opening for a few hours at time between snow flakes.LOL:) Yesterday you would have sworn that the end of the world was here. My husband went to the grocery store and he had to park on the street a block from the store. You can imagine that it was a madhouse. I thought that maybe my husband would appreciate my dedication to maintaining Food Storage and any emergency essentials. He bought some "husband food", snacks, highly sugared drinks, and hamburger. Bless his heart. The good news is that we do have at least 72hrs of provisions,it took me a year to gather it up, and hide it from him so he woundn't eat it.

Tues Feb 9 2010
So we have survived the "mother of all snow storms" only to face yet another impending storm. Good grief. You'd think that the world was coming  to an end. The weatherman said that we got at least 26 inches of snow. Who hoo. My husband and I were cleaning out for 2 days. In all this I cannot in good conscience complain The Lord has been good to me. Just good you say. God is good, God is tov. I have to thank him for all his blessings. On Saturday me and my  husband, who is recovering from a shoulder operation, got out and spent 4 hours digging out our parking spaces, (not the cars, that took another day) just the space and the street around it. While we were digging and shoveling, one of the privately owned snow shovel thingy trucks came by and started to clear out some snow. We were cheering him on, even offered him some hot chocolate.On his last go round he pushed a 2 foot snow mound/wall in front of us, and then left. I swear I heard him laughing at us. I could have cried. I would have run after him but I was too tired.So another 30mins to re-remove the  snow. The bright side was that a neighbor I didn't know invited me and my husband to dinner. Food, glorious food, manna from heaven, tames the beast. Thank you father, for our daily bread. We had a great time.
There is always a light at the end of the snow tunnel.
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